zippo frame

Zippo Gun Lighter

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 Zippo Gun Lighter, 2004, Mint and Boxed.


This is an extremely rare Zippo, produced in conjunction with Japan's Zippo organisation.





 Stamped on the right "04", that means 2004.


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Overall Dimensions to nearest 0.01       Height   Width   Depth              
Inches 2.36  1.75   0.73  
Centimetres  6.00 4.45  1.85   


My personal, subjective opinion as to how rare this particular precise model may be, in this specific material, but irrespective of the finish.

1. Most Rare of all.  
2. Extremely Rare    
3. Very Rare  Very Rare
4. Rare  
5. Quite Rare  
6. Uncommon  
7. Common  
8. Very Common  
 Cosmetic Condition  Perfect
 Mechanical Condition Perfect.
 Operation  Will be perfect.
 Desirability     1. Most Desirable of all  
2. Extremely Desirable  
3. Very Desirable  Very Desirable
4. Desirable