Dunhill 1939 Lighter Catalogue

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Copy of 1939 Dunhill Lighter Catalogue on CD




1939 Dunhill Catalogue, Lighters, Pipes and many 'Smokers Items'

Available on CD is a complete copy of Dunhill's 1939 "About Smoke" Catalogue.

PLUS - The CD also contains a high resolution scan of an original letter, signed by Alfred Dunhill himself, that accompanied the Catalogue. In the letter, dated August 1939, Alfred Dunhill says "Enclosed is a copy of the new edition of About Smoke".

This Catalogue consists of some 150 pages, and front and back covers. You get a Full, near 700MB CD.


It contains:

Ash Trays Caddies Cigarette Cases Cigarette Holders
Cigarettes Cigar Cutters and Piercers Cigar Holders Cigars
Humidors Lighters Monograms Note Clips
Pipe Racks Pipes Smoker's Cabinets Smoker's Caskets and Boxes
Smoker's Caskets and Boxes Tobacco Jars Tobacco Jars Tobacco Pouches
Tobaccos Walking Sticks Wallets  

The Full Index of contents is shown in the Catalogue Index itself, as shown below.


The Full Catalogue is contained on one, very full, CD. There are two main contents:

Firstly as an Album. In this form you can view 9 pages of Thumb Nails containing each and every one of the 150 pages. Clicking a Thumb Nail will take you to a large image of each individual page.

Secondly, the original scanned pages. Each of the 150 pages, plus the covers, have been carefully scanned at a high resolution of 300 dpi.

There are no restrictions on the CD. You can print and copy any image.

This Catalogue is very important. It is divided into a number of Sections. And some Sections below contain examples from the Catalogue itself. Although the pictures in this description are over stamped with a Copyright mark, the Disk provided is free of such marks.

The Dunhill "Unique" Lighter. 12 pages.


Pipes, some 40 pages.

Tobaccos. 18 pages.

The Dunhill Cigarette.11 pages.

The Cigar. 13 pages.


Smoking Essentials of many varieties represent the remainder of the Catalogue.


The Smoking Essentials Section covers Caddies; Tobacco Jars; Pipe Racks; Smoker's Cabinets; Cigarette Cabinets, Caskets and Boxes; Humidors; Tobacco Pouches; Cigarette Cases; Cigarette and Cigar Holders; Cigar Cases, Cutters and Piercers; Ash Trays; Note Clips; Wallets; Walking Sticks; and finally Monograms. At the end of the Catalogue we have Dunhill Showroom pictures, and addresses; and last of all an Index.

With regard to the Pipe Section, I counted over 100 different pipes. The Lighter Section itself shows nearly 30 different lighters, including that extreme rarity, "The Tusk".

Although the catalogue is mainly Black and White, there are 10 pages in Colour.

The Various image sizes included on the Disk vary considerably in size, the larger the file size the greater level of detail. Here in this eBay™ description our images average 25KB. The Web Catalogue  Images (on the Disk) average 335KB. And the average size of the original scanned images on the Disk is nearly 4,000KB!

So the sample images in this description are held on the Disk at 160 times the quality shown above. It is important to emphasis that the Disk supplied contains the original scanned pages carefully scanned at a high resolution of 300 dpi.

And although on this occasion we are not featuring a lighter, we see in this Catalogue many amazing Lighters in their original published images, with prices!



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