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 Limited Edition - 52 Cards -Vintage Gold Lighters

We have produced a very special Pack of Playing Cards, each one of the 52 Cards illustrating a different, SOLID Gold Vintage Petrol Lighter.

The first ever Playing Cards to illustrate vintage Lighters.

Grab YOUR lucky Number before it goes.


The Lighters are mainly from the Art Deco 20's and 30's. Together they show the very diverse nature of this highly desirable collectible. Many are by famous makers and jewellers, such as Dunhill, Cartier, Tiffany, Asprey, Hermes, Eterna and Van Cleef & Arpels. Different countries are represented; England, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria.

The Lighters we show are items of Luxurious Jewellery, please enjoy them.

The Limited Edition Number is pre-printed on the specially designed Card Box. Packs normally cost £10.00 plus postage.

If you want a special "Premium" Memorable Edition Number, those Packs cost £20.00 plus postage. "Premium" numbers are numbers like 1, 100, 123, 333 etcetera.

Payment can be made in any currency. The full list of numbers, 1 to 400, are shown in "Edition Numbers Available", and "Premium"  numbers are printed in Blue on that list.  

If you wish to order one Pack, and do not need a specific Limited Edition Number please click "Quick Orders" below, otherwise click "Other Orders".

Should you like more information about a particular lighter (or lighters) that appear on the cards, please click "Lighter Information" below.

To know what Limited Edition Numbers are still available please click "Edition Numbers Available".



For those of you who would like to know more about the Limited Edition - 52 Cards -Vintage Gold Lighters we hope the following will be of interest. We have produced a Limited Edition of just 400 Packs of these cards.

Every one of the cards shows a SOLID Gold lighter, with a title that will tell you who made the Lighter, and one or two words about that particular model.

Much more information about each Lighter will be available via "Lighter Information".

A few examples of our cards are shown below. As these are Poker Size Cards (Poker cards are 3.5" or 88.9 mm height and 2.5" or 63.5 mm wide) we are displaying them as typical Poker Hands.

This hand is a pair (of Queens).

 It is difficult on the Web to always show the high quality of the actual printed card, but shown below is a better quality picture of the Jack of Diamonds above, shown at nearly twice the actual size..


This is Two pair.


Three of a Kind, a pretty good hand!


You might like to know what the back of the Cards looks like.



An even better hand than the previous Three of a Kind, a Straight, sometimes called a Run.


Our best hand today, (though there are better hands in Poker), but this Flush below beats all the other hands so far.


Each Pack is despatched inside it's own box (called a "Tuck Box") that has been especially designed to show some of the lighters inside, and the actual Limited Edition number of that Pack. The front is shown on the left, the back on the right. 


The Pre-Printed Edition number is printed at the bottom of the Back, three digits with leading Zeroes.


One last hand, pretty bad if you like Poker, but great if you like Dunhills.


If you wish to order one Pack, and do not need a specific Limited Edition Number please click "Quick Orders", otherwise click "Other Orders".