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Early Fire Making Devices

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This group contains pre-flint devices, such as Spinners, Cap Lighters, Doberiners and all the other Antique methods of making fire. The Flint was invented in 1903, therfore all of the devices listed here will be over 100 years old.

Because of their age, all early fire making devices are very scarce, and although we list the possible items we would include in this group, most items are certainly considered to be extremely rare, so please do not expect this group to contain more than 1 or 2 items.

Including the items already listed above, we would include (when available):

Wood Friction Methods

Fire Drills, Fire Saws,  Fire Ploughs.

Flint and Steel

(or more rarely Flint and Pyrites)

Fire Steels, Household Tinder Box, Personal Tindex Box, Vestas (also called Match Safes), Tinder Horns, Tinder Tubes, Tinder Bags and Tinder Pouches, Chuckmucks, Mechanical Tinder Boxes, Wheel Locks, Normal or "Split Barrell" Tinder Pistols, Pocket, miniature Tinder Pistols, Wallnuts (Miniature Tinder Pistol made in Japan), Wheel Tinder Boxes, Tinder Tubes.

Optical Methods

Burning Lens, Burning Mirror. 


The Fire Piston.

Chemical Methods.

Phosphoric Taper, Phosphorus Box, The Electro-Pneumatic Lamp, The Pyrophorus, the Instantaneous Light Box, The Promothean Match, The Dobereiner Lamp.

As you can see from the list above this is a very rich vein of collecting.


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Early Fire Making Devices 







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