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We Buy.

     We Buy for Ourselves.

     We Buy especially for You.

     We Buy on commission.

We Buy for Ourselves.

We are keen to purchase lighters similar to those on this site - excellent lighters are increasingly hard to find! If you have a lighter (or lighters) that you do want to sell, contact us via email. Our manager, Richard Ball, continues to be a very keen collector, and The Antique Lighter Shop always needs great Lighters.

Please send one or two photographs of the lighter(s) that you wish to sell, we will respond quickly. 

We Buy for You.

In addition we will advertise on this page for lighters that you specifically want, just send us a brief but clear defintion of your requirements, preferably with a Book reference, via email by Clicking here.



We Buy on commission.

We have been asked to find the following Lighters, if you have any of the lighters listed below please click the link alongside that item. Please send one or two photographs of the lighter(s) that you wish to sell.

Ref Description Email Link

Dunhill Compendium Vanity lighter in gold, marked “Bando". Comprising Cigarette Case, Lighter and Watch. Or one of the multi-function models.

Dunhill Compendium


Hermanns Concealed Watch Lighter with ORIGINAL Watch



Ronson Touch-Tip Streamlined (See book "Ronson - The World's Greatest Lighter - Figure 161). Must be in very good condition. Preferably in Black.

Ronson Streamlined.

 4 Any Dunhill Watch Lighter Dunhill Watch Lighter
 5 Any Dunhill Aquarium Lighter Dunhill Aquarium






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