Hopefully this introduction contains most of what you want to know. The white "Search" box at the top right hand side of every page can prove useful when looking for a specific area of interest.


At the very bottom of this page you will see these Links to other aspects of this site:

  Currency - How to show prices in your Currency.
  How to email a Lighter Description to a friend.
  How to ask a question about an item.
  How to complete the purchase process.
  Shipping  - Our Standard Free Shipping methods, and your other options.


Immediately below is how to use, and navigate this "Lighter" site, starting with the Top Index.

The Top Index

The top index will lead you to a number of pages that we hope will be useful to you. They are described briefly below, but just click on the top index item itself to see the actual content.

Name   Description


 The first page of this site.
 News  Up-to-date News about this sites performance.
 Introduction  How to use and navigate the site.
 Contact  How you can easily contact us.
 About  Here we tell you about the organisation responsible for the site.
 Terms  Our standard Terms & Conditions.
 Privacy  Our privacy statement.
 Shipping  Our free shipping methods.


 Your Basket containg items you are buying. And "Checkout".
 Favourites  You can store your favourite items here. Read this to see how.
 WeBuy  We also purchase lighters. Go here if you plan to sell a lighter.
 Links  Links to other Lighter related sites, and lighter shows.
 Help  When all else fails click help.


The Left Hand Index

There are three Index sets on the left hand side of the page, all relating to Items for Sale.

The top single item "ALL SALE ITEMS" shows one picture of each and every Item that we currently have for Sale.

The middle four access Lighters by type.

The bottom three  cover other "Lighter" related items. Early Fire Making (Devices), Accessories (a broad group that includes books); and finally you can see those items that have recently been sold.

These three sets are described in further detail below. 

Left hand Index - top set, the single index - "All SALE ITEMS"

From here you can just Click the picture of any of the items for sale and go directly from that picture to a full description of the Item. 

Left hand Index - the middle set, four Index Items.

We offer you four main groups of lighters, as shown in the middle of the Index on the left hand side of this page.

To start, just Click on any heading in the Index. Each group will have a fuller list of those brands likely to be included in that group, and a general description of each group is shown below. (You can also use the white "Search Phrase" box at the top right hand side of every page to find any specific brand or model, at any time.)

Dunhill Lighters & High-End Lighters will contain all the Dunhills that we may have for sale, together with other models that would be considered "High-End"

Ronson Lighters, Thorens Lighters, etc will contain all the Ronsons and every Thorens that we offer. Together with those Lighters similarly ranked.

Zippo Lighters only contains Zippos.

Diverse Lighters is the group containing every other Lighter that does not fit into the three groups above. We also believe that they are "Interesting". Interesting because they are mechanically so, or they just looks great. Or interesting because the lighter is well below market price, or new "Old Stock". Try your luck, and make sure that you look at this group.

Left hand Index - the bottom set, three Index Items.

Below the middle set you'll see three very different groups. Whilst the top four groups are very definitely "Lighters" as we know them today, the "Early Fire Making" (Devices) group has been separated from the top four as they are often considered as a quite distinct category to "Lighters".

Early Fire Making. This contains pre-flint devices, such as Spinners, Cap Lighters, Doberiners and all the other Antique methods of making fire.

Accessories & Tobacciana. This group will contain a large variety of Lighter related products. The full list is shown on the page itself, but includes copies of Catalogues, Books about Lighters, Wicks and Flints when we have them, even old Instructions and Boxes. If the item relates to Lighters, you'll find it here.

Finally, Recent Sales shows some items that we have recently sold. Worth checking out in case you see a lighter that we have had in the past, that we might be able to get again - for you!


Click on the Links below to read more about:

Currency - How to show the prices in different Currencies.

Email a Description - How to email a Lighter Description.

Ask a Question about an Item - How to ask a question about an item.

Make a Purchase - How to complete the purchase process.

Shipping - Our Standard Free Shipping methods, and your other options.






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