Dunhill Unique in Gold

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Dunhill Unique "A" in 9K (Carat) Gold. Engine Turned, 1947.




This is an excellent Dunhill Unique "A" size in 9k (Carat) Gold. The finish is Engine Turned, and carries a Monogram showing the Initials "GP".


Below is a picture of the back of the Lighter.


The top of the mechanism platform has the standard English part Hallmarks, "9 .375" for 9 Carat Gold.

Following is a picture of the mechanism open.


 The Base is shown below.

The left hand side is stamped Pat.No. 390107, Made in England.

The Fuel Screw carries the "9 .375" Gold stamp, and the right hand side carries the full English Hallmark.

At the top the "AD" maker's mark.

Below that we see "9 .375", the Date Letter "M" for 1947, and last, the Leopard's Head telling us that this piece was Hallmarked in London.

Although the body and mechanism is in excellent condition, the base does show wear, scratches and dints, as is to be expected.

Our final image shows the Fuel Screw complete with the Spare Flint Cap. 


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Book References "The Dunhill Petrol Lighter - A Unique Story", page 144 onwards.
Overall Dimensions to nearest 0.01       Height  Width   Depth               
Inches 1.76 1.50 0.48  
Centimetres 4.46 3.81  1.23   


My personal, subjective opinion as to how rare this particular precise model may be, in this specific material, but irrespective of the finish.

1. Most Rare of all.
2. Extremely Rare  
3. Very Rare Very Rare
4. Rare
5. Quite Rare
6. Uncommon
7. Common
8. Very Common
 Cosmetic Condition

Exfcellent, except base.

 Mechanical Condition Excellent
 Operation Works 100%
 Desirability     1. Most Desirable of all
2. Extremely Desirable Between Very desirable and extremely desirable.
3. Very Desirable
4. Desirable

Scrap Value at 17th March 2010 

We are often asked the scrap value of a Gold Lighter. It should be noted that the scrap value bears no relationship to the market value. If a Lighter is made from Gold it is highly likely that it was produced in very limited numbers, and will therefore be an excedingly rare example of that model. That fact is a much more important issue when valuing Lighter.

Weight in Grammes   46.2

%age of Gold. Gold Lighters have only a very few parts that are not Gold. We assume that 95% of the total weight is Gold.


Scrap Value of 9K (Carat) Gold. Taken from "Cookson Metal Prices".


Value in GB Pounds. Given by Weight X Percentage X Value.


Value in US Dollars. Taken from "xe.com".