Kaschie Lighter Catalogue on a CD

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Copy of c1936 Kaschie Lighter Catalogue on CD



This delightful Catalogue is now available on CD. Each of the 24 pages has been scanned, as Tif Files, at the high resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi). [Your Computer Screen will normally be operating at 96 dpi.]

Shown below are photographs of the Catalogue.


There are approximately 36 lighters illustrated, all in colour.

The models shown include:

The K Sesan (The well known Kaschie Candle. Two versions are illustrated, including the model that Dunhill had in their range.)

K37, K38, K33, K34, K36, K35.

K33 T (A Table lighter)

K370, K380, K16.

The extremely rare K38/G1.

I have only ever seen the K Sesan (Kaschie Candle) with a square base, so it was interesting to find that they also had a photograph of their Candle with the round base.

Prior to obtaining the Catalogue I had simply seen the Kaschie round base version when marked as Dunhill. The book, "The Dunhill Petrol Lighter A Unique Story" illustrates their Candle on Page 316, where it is called the "Candlelight", which is correctly identified as having been manufactured for Dunhill by Kaschie.

In addition to the lighters we see a Kaschie Petrol Fluid Tank, and on one page they include three Multi-Colour Pencils which they also made.

The text primarily consists of drawings of each basic model, with various parts named. It seems that Kaschie were happy to supply those parts named for repair purposes. The text is in German, English, French and Spanish.

Shown below is a picture of one of the pages.


I should add that the CD contains 24 Tif files, one Tif for each page. The quality of each Tif can be gauged by saying that the page above, as shown, is held on the CD at more than six times the quality of detail. The CD is nearly full.

Günter Broesan's book, "Neues  über alte Feuerzeuge" contains the finest and most comprehensive collection of Kaschie lighters, some 22 pages in all. He provides a reference table that tells us that all of the models shown in our Catalogue were introduced either prior to 1936, or actually in 1936. So we can say with considerable confidence that this is the 1936 Catalogue.

Finally may I mention the one model that I have never seen before, the Kaschie K38/G1. This is shown in three different versions, none of which have I ever never encountered; and very interesting models they are indeed. A variation is shown in Günter's book on page 63.


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